Answered By: Paul Arrigo
Last Updated: Feb 03, 2016     Views: 11

Downloading/updating Silverlight

Films we get from Digital Campus require Microsoft Silverlight to play.

Here are troubleshooting ideas to try if you're unable to get the movie to play:

  1. Try an alternate browser
    1. On a Mac OS X machine, we recommend Safari or Firefox.
  2. Check your version of Silverlight.
    1. If the version is 5.1.31010.0, be aware that specific version is broken.
  3. Un-install Silverlight.
    1. Windows users can do this via the Programs and Features Control Panel
    2. Mac Users must remove any files having to do with Silverlight, PlayReady or WPFe from the following folders:
      1.  /Library/Application Support/Microsoft/
      2. /Library/Receipts/
      3. /Library/Internet Plugins/
      4. ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/
      5. ~/Library/Internet Plugins/
  4. Re-install it from the following URL:
  5. Check the following diagnostic page –
    2. Make sure that all four items at the top have green check marks next to them
    3. If they are not reachable, you may have an issue with your DNS settings.  Using a publically available DNS service such as Google ( or Level3 ( can sometimes resolve those issues.
  6. Right click in the area where the movie would normally appear and select “Silverlight Preferences.”
    1. Click the Playback tab
    2. Make sure “Enable download and updates to components required for protected content playback” is checked
  7. On the diagnostic page in step 6, there’s also a link to test for HTTP proxies.
    1. If your campus is utilizing an HTTP proxy, it may be helpful to bypass it when viewing movies if possible
  8. Try clearing the Silverlight DRM cache –
    1. Close all instances of all web browsers.
    2. Navigate to the PlayReady DRM folder.
    3. This varies, depending on operating system.
    4. This link gives the possible directories.
    5. Locate a file called “mspr.hds”, and rename it to something else (e.g. “old.mspr.hds”)
    6. Connect to the Digital Campus site and try playing a movie again